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Sebago Flyer Gets Her Stripes

Sebago Flyer Gets Her Stripes

Author Sebago Key West
Calendar February 12, 2016
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Sebago works hard at keeping our boats in tip top condition. The warm tropical waters of Key West require regular maintenance on our vessels. Here’s a sneak peek at the new paint job for Sebago Flyer, the newest catamaran in our fleet. She’s been pulled from the water for maintenance work after her first tour on duty and is receiving her trademark Sebago stripes.

It’s always interesting to see Key West’s working dry docks, a side of Key West that few visitors go to. Dry docks play an important role in our island town.  It’s here that much of the maintenance work takes place that keeps Key West’s fishermen, sailors and visitors safe on the water.

Flyer will be back sailing Key West again soon – keep an eye out for this Cat’s bright new stripes on the water!