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Flyer is Back on the Water and Better than Ever

Flyer is Back on the Water and Better than Ever

Author Sebago Key West
Calendar March 4, 2016
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A look at the other side of life in paradise – keeping Sebago’s ships bright and shiny. It’s time for Flyer, the most recent addition to our catamaran fleet, to earn her trademark Sebago stripes. Its no easy feat to hoist a 60’ long, 31’ wide catamaran with a massive mast out of the water and into dry dock.

Two straps are secured to the Flyer while still in the water. Each strap is connected to a crane, one on each side of the catamaran. The crane operators must work together to lift Flyer out of the water and onto supports set up on the dock. Any mistakes here and the catamaran can be badly damaged. Safely out of the water, work begins on the Flyer, giving her a thorough cleaning and fresh coat of paint, complete with stripes. Work done, the Flyer looks like new. The crane operators reverse the process and carefully maneuver the catamaran back into water. Flyer sails daily on Key West sunset tours, and Island ‘Ting, Sebago’s popular all-day eco tour.